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The Elder Scrolls Online 3 Headed Ouroboros sign Tee

The Elder Scrolls Online 3 Headed Ouroboros sign Tee

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Introducing the Elder Scrolls Online 3 Headed Ouroboros sign T-shirt. A tribute to the mystical world of Skyrim that every true adventurer will cherish.

The front left chest features a meticulously detailed 3 headed Ouroboros sign which symbolizes the three different alliances Ebonheart Pact with the head of a dragon, Aldmeri Dominion with the head of an eagle and the Dagger Fall Covenant with the head of a lion. All three alliances together make up the great empire, but the emperor is still uncrowned. The main attraction on the back – a large and mesmerizing 3 headed Ouroboros sign.

Crafted from premium black 100% cotton, this T-shirt combines comfort and style, making it a must-have for fans of the Elder Scrolls series.

Made for both comfort and durability, the black cotton fabric ensures a soft feel against your skin while maintaining a sleek appearance. Whether you're exploring the vast landscapes of Tamriel or simply immersing yourself in the lore, this T-shirt is the perfect companion for any Elder Scrolls enthusiast.

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