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FOSSHAPE® Thermoplastic Felt Sampler

FOSSHAPE® Thermoplastic Felt Sampler

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FOSSHAPE® a unique felt-like thermoplastic felt fabric it is often used as a alternative for Buckram in the Millinery arts.

FOSSHAPE®is perfect for costuming, theater props, set design, puppetry, millinery/ headpieces, masks, sculptures and more.

Synthetic FOSSHAPE® can easily be cut with scissors, will not fray like conventional woven fabrics and can be readily sewn to itself or other fabrics as a hidden stiffener or shaped into stand alone structures. FOSSHAPE® is mildew resistant and dye-able as well.


FOSSHAPE® is easily shaped using a fabric steamer or Hot air/ Heat Gun.

Versatile FOSSHAPE 300 is lighter in weight and thinner than FOSSHAPE 400 and 600 for lighter weight needs and more intricate design efforts. With heat and pressure from a steam iron, two layers of the 300 grade can be combined or bonded to approximate one layer of FOSSHAPE 600.

FOSSHAPE 300 is the lightest grade, which weighs 9.0 oz/yd2 (300 grams per sq/meter) with a thickness of about .125” (about 3.0 mm)

FOSSHAPE BLACK 400 is solid jet-black in color and the medium grade weighing 12 oz./yd2 (400 grams per sq./meter) with a thickness of about .135” (about 3.5 mm).


FOSSHAPE® 300 Sample Kit:
3 pieces 12" x 11" color white
Sample can be 1 piece 12" x 33" by request

FOSSHAPE® 400 Sample Kit:
3 pieces 12" x11" color black
Sample can be 1 piece 12" x 33" by request

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