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11" Plush Grogu with Adventure Kit- Mattel

11" Plush Grogu with Adventure Kit- Mattel

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Embark on an enchanting journey with our 11" Plush Grogu, The Child, complete with an exciting Adventure Kit.

Plush Grogu - The Child: Measuring 11 inches, our plush Grogu is a huggable representation of the iconic Child from the Star Wars Mandalorian saga. Crafted with soft and cuddly materials, this plush toy brings the endearing charm of Grogu to life. Whether displayed on a shelf or included in imaginative play, this Grogu plush is a must-have for any Star Wars enthusiast.

Adventure Kit Includes:

  1. Ball/Knob: Grogu's playful nature is brought to the forefront with an included ball/knob from Mando's ship accessory.

  2. Frog with Dish: Relive memorable moments with Grogu and his penchant for frogs. The Adventure Kit includes a frog with a dish, allowing for interactive play and storytelling that mirrors the beloved scenes featuring Grogu's curious culinary explorations.

  3. Mythosaur Necklace: The adventure includes a Mythosaur necklace, a symbol of the rich Mandalorian lore. This accessory adds an extra layer of authenticity and allows young fans to feel a connection to the expansive galaxy far, far away.

Perfect for playtime, display, or gifting, this Plush Grogu with Adventure Kit is a delightful addition to any Star Wars  Mandalorian collection. Bring home the charm and excitement of The Child, and let the adventures begin!

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